What Is Maze Art?

Maze Art is a term I coined to describe my collection of pen and ink drawings of everyday objects. When I began this technique as a young boy, each drawing was a true maze with a beginning and an end. As I got older, the mazes became more complex and couldn't start to finish as true mazes, but since the finished pieces were maze-like in appearance, I retained the term "Maze Art."

My diverse repertoire includes drawings of many ordinary subjects inspired by my surroundings, my dreams, and my life experiences. Using an intricate pattern of lines and geometric designs, I interpret my subject creatively thereby producing an effect that sometimes overwhelms the viewer if stared at too long. My goal is to draw the viewer's attention into the depth and theme of the drawing. I often incorporate words related to the subject into my art pieces requiring the viewer to become lost in the design while searching for these embedded words. Hopefully, the viewer will relate with the hidden words on an emotional level and draw inspiration, empathy, or compassion from my themes.

This art form is very personal to me and reflects feelings and emotions that I have experienced throughout my life. I hope that the people who purchase my artwork will share the same passion that I had while creating it. Sharing my maze art with others and having them identify with the deeper meanings would make me feel that I have connected with my audience and accomplished my purpose for creating it.

I work on my art every day. The elaborate and embellished designs of ordinary objects allows me to combine my unique perspective of the subject with my deepest inner feelings. When I draw, I feel very peaceful, and I look forward to each new day as an opportunity for creating new and exciting works of maze art!

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"Over the years we have collected several of Jay Sartori's Maze Art in various mediums. We have also given shirts, sweatshirts, stationary, aprons, bags, and prints as gifts without hesitation and all having his designs. His work shows his unique ability to create mazes (that actually work) around words and letters. We have attended Jay's art shows and continue to be amazed at his magnificent creations."

Toni and Jerry Brown

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